Planning A Funeral

Thinking ahead can help you make informed decisions about funeral arrangements. It allows you to choose the items you want and need, as well as compare prices to other funerals homes.  Some valuable steps in planning a funeral include:

  •  Shop Around. Check prices with more than one funeral home. Many people choose a certain funeral home because they have used it before or it is close to their home. If you have never shopped around, you may be paying increased prices.
  • Ask for a price list. The law requires funeral directors to give customers a written list of all products and services offered by the funeral home and what they will cost.  
  • Resist Pressure.  Planning for a loved one’s’ funeral can be a difficult time. Try to restrain from buying goods and services you do not really want or need.
  • Avoid emotional overspending. Stay within the budget. You can honor your loved one by having a simple funeral.
  • Recognize your rights. Laws regarding funerals and burials vary from state to state. It is important for the consumer to know what goods and services are available to purchase.
  • Smart Shopping Techniques.  A consumer may cut costs by limiting the viewing time or by dressing your loved one in their own clothing instead of burial clothing.
  • Plan Ahead. Planning ahead is so important because it makes losing a loved one easier for the family. Being able to plan ahead allows family discussion; it is important to make your wishes known and let you shop without time constrictions. 

The Funeral Rule

Funeral directors strive to serve their clients’ needs. The Funeral Rule, enforced by theFederal Trade Commission, makes it possible for you to choose only the goods and services you want or need, and only pay for those you have selected. The Funeral Rule requires funeral directors to give prices in person or over the phone to their clients to inform them about other goods and services. Many funeral directors offer packages of commonly selected goods that make up a funeral, however, you do not have to accept these packages because they may offer items you do not want or need.

The Funeral Rule gives you the right to:

  • Buy only the funeral arrangements you want. You have the right to by separate goods and services.
  • Get price information on the telephone. Funeral directors must give you price information over the telephone if you ask.
  • Get a written, itemized price list when visiting the funeral home. The funeral home must give you a General Price List that is yours to keep.
  • See a written casket price list before seeing the actual casket. This allows you to ask for lower priced products that may not be on display.
  • Receive a written statement after you decide what you want and before you pay. It should show you exactly what you are buying and the cost of each item.
  • Make funeral arrangements without embalming. No state requires embalming for every death. Some states require embalming or refrigeration if the body is not buried or cremated within a certain time span. Ask the funeral homes policy requiring embalming if the body is to be publicly viewed.

We understand that there is a lot that goes into planning a funeral.  We are here to help you with those needs.

We will help you plan a personalized ceremony for your loved one.