Preplanning Your  Funeral

Most of us plan ahead and anticipate life’s special events:  weddings, family vacations, and retirement.  We plan ahead to make sure every detail is correct.  So why do most people leave life’s most difficult event to their family during a time of sadness and distress.  Planning your funeral in advance is a gift to your family.

Reasons to Preplan:

  • Puts you in control and ensures your wishes will be known.  Family may not know your wishes, but will assume they do.  For example, they may not know you prefer to be cremated.
  • Provides emotional benefits to loved ones during the difficult time.  Your loved ones will be eased knowing they do not have to make complicated decisions.
  • Allows you to set funds.  It is difficult to predict where your family’s financial situation will be, so this ensures that the amount you consider appropriate will be used.
  • Provides peace of mind.  Because your arrangements are known they will be carried out exactly how you specified down to the last detail. 

If you would like to have more information on Pre-Planning/Pre-Need please contact us at (606) 248-3600.